As a former Computer Science student (a very long time ago 🙁 ), the notion of web development seemed like a simple concept. Even the idea of “systems” (CMS’) that allowed a user to manage content seemed like a very straight forward concept. However, as I started working in the industry and started understanding the different requirements of different clients when it came to their web presence, I understood that web development is a much more complex and varied field.

Sitecore @ UDLA

For these reasons, when I had the opportunity to give a talk about Sitecore and it’s presence in the industry in a local University, I couldn’t pass up this chance! On July 8th, I attended the Computer Science department in Universidad de las Americas (UDLA) in Quito – Ecuador to give a lecture about Sitecore with David Callay, Sitecore 2019 MVP.

My main goal with this talk was to expose college students to an enterprise level CMS. While we are lucky to work with a web platform like Sitecore in a daily basis. College students don’t really have the opportunity to see a platform like these in action. And for this reason, it easier for a student to have a misconception of what is web development at an enterprise level.

Basic Sitecore Concepts

In the first half of the lecture, I started by introducing the concept that Sitecore is more than just a CMS. That it’s a powerful platform that combines a CMS with a Marketing to have full control over the different aspects of a website. Also, I talked a little about the position of Sitecore in the industry by talking about Gartner Magic Quadrant and some of the clients that currently use Sitecore. This was very eye opening for them since it put into perspective the scope of the platform compared to other platforms they had used before.

Sitecore Workshop

The second half was a little bit more technical. I also wanted to treat it more like a workshop. So, I went over the technologies that Sitecore uses, some of the basic concepts like items, templates, fields, presentation concepts, etc. And with this information, we went over how a module can be structured in Sitecore and how it would look in the back-end, etc. This was probably the most fun part of the talk! You could really see the student’s interest in the technical aspects and the flexibility that Sitecore provides when designing modules. And to finish up, we talked about some career advice that I wish I had when I started working in this industry

Overall, it was a fantastic experience! . It really put into perspective how lucky we are to work with this tools. And I hope it was as eye opening to them as it was for me when I first started working with Sitecore.

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